Brighton Table Tennis Club


A Creative Collaboration.

Community collaboration in the city has taken a creative step forward both because and in spite of Covid. Two Methodist churches, one in Brighton and one in Hove, have teamed up with Brighton Table Tennis Club to offer their currently underused spaces in the churches so that BTTC can provide social but safe outreach table tennis sessions for the local communities, in addition to the ongoing programme at the club’s base in Kemptown.

All three partners, Hove Methodist Church, Stanford Avenue Methodist Church and BTTC are really enthusiastic about being able to offer a rare opportunity for small ‘bubbles’ of people to come together for exercise and interaction. Known to be one of the most accessible and exciting sports, helping both physical and mental agility for all ages, these coached sessions are intended to be a happy antidote to inactivity and the game is perfectly suited for the social distancing required at this time.

Tim Holtam, BTTC’s Director said “ We are always looking for interesting opportunities and in conversation with our colleagues at GiG Buddies, this possibility of sharing space came through their networks. We are all absolutely committed to building up communities and this is a great chance to work innovatively in new partnerships across Brighton and Hove.”

Tim Holtam

Founder Director

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